1,38 g/cm³ vs. 2,62 – 2,84 g/cm³

Mamor, japanische Sushi-Box (21,4 x 14 x 5 cm)


“ (...) During my residency in Japan I started to work within the context of packaging and everyday spatiality. Therefore, I made for example a package with a standardized volume carved out of marble. This was the starting point to deal with the reversion of materiality and the new codification of valence of objects in combination with digitization processes.
Everyday things that surround us may seem banal but actually they are fascinating in their form and artistic quality. The experience of contact is of great importance as well – objects and materials which evoke the desire to be touched and vice versa. The moment of immediate experience is decisive for my artistic practice. For me, an artwork should have two qualities, on the one hand the emotional level alongside the first blunt contact, and on the other hand, the context and theoretical background. And then there are questions like do we need both?
How can you transmit it to the participants? Consequently, my work is very thought-out but also bares a moment of chance (...). “


David Meran
Millergasse 20/4
1060 Wien