adhesive foil
8x8 space, Toride Japan


In spring 2016 Meran was asked to present his work in the 8x8 space in Toride, Japan. Originally, artists presented their paintings and pictures there because the small room was seen as a display of two-dimensional work (ich versteh den Satz nicht ganz, vielleicht besser: Usually, artists present their paintings and pictures there because the small room is seen as a display of two dimensional work.). Therefore, he came up with a special project called THE GREATEST ART SHOW ON EARTH for this specific art space. He could have put any object inside it and everybody would have immediately started to think about it and questioning it if it is art or what it is about. Meran’s work addresses this art theoretical question of the connotation of art spaces. This discussion is not very popular in Japan, so people were curious and confused with the concept of „showing something by not showing something.“ You think the title is a little exaggerated? Well, the „art“ you will see is as good as you are imagining it. So you better take it seriously.




Stand in front of the black frame. Feel the gravity and get in contact with the ground.  Observe the black spot on the wall.

Relax and get comfortable. Take some deep breaths and concentrate on the black spot. Try to see this white space around you as a metaphor of your inner self. Imagine what really touches you. It could be anything you have seen or experienced before. Or just imagine the greatest personal desire you can think of. Everything is possible.

Everything is allowed. Enable your mind to be wild and passionate. The magic which is happing between our ears is just for you and your mind. Try to make out the most of this situation. Isn’t art the greatest thing on earth?




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