In this installation multiple layers of interpretations can be found. Firstly, the carpet pretends to be out of a textile material but it is printed on paper. There is one water mark which was badly photoshopped to have a connection to the digital world. A digital picture is based on pixels like a carpet on knots. The twenty three iPhones are made out of wood and paper, based on the artist’s personal mobile. They are arranged like a playground for children as if they would have played house of cards on it. When you walk around the work, you realize the iPhones have no screens, they are built out of the backsides. Even though it was not necessarily intended, people started to arrange the phones differently while displayed in a group show in Japan (“WIP" exhibition- Geidai Tokyo University of the Arts). This movement fits perfectly to similar work of the artist. Is it allowed to touch the artwork and what form of representation is needed for it to be seen as untouchable art?

house of cards on a carpet


installation: printed carpet on paper (140x 90 cm)

iPhone 5 (backside- screenless) out of papier/wood





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