Formally, my work explores the tension between reality vs. illusion, flatness vs. dimensionality and the conception of room strategies. I use objects and materials with a strong connection to ongoing sociocultural society issues and put it on underneath an artistic process.


Through my artistic work I use different media, most of it revolves around objects, installations and photography. I see myself as a multi-media artist because I think certain thoughts and concepts need certain modes of representation. So using only one dimension by limiting a concept to one media would simply feel wrong to me. I also like to think of the variety of media and materials as a metaphor for the issues of cultural hybridity that my work addresses. I see it as my duty as an artist to understand and reflect ongoing struggles in our society and ask abstract materialized questions. So apart from the obvious, my art studies, I am interested in history, gender theories and cultural identity.


My work has a fundamental connection to the space in which it is installed. Choosing a particular surrounding can be seen as the second very important part, besides the art object itself. For my work called „ORIENTAL RUG“ I installed it in an empty industrial corridor together with the sound of the nearby machines of the factory, for example.


Another leading question is the conception and connotation of art spaces in general. Does space create art or which presentation does art need to be seen as art? I was asked to show some work in a small art space in Toride/ Japan. Originally, the room was used to show nice pictures of art on the wall. I was more interested to work with the room itself and created „THE GREATEST ART SHOW ON EARTH“. The main aim was to reflect about this question and to picture the greatest art yourself you can think of. To do so, there was an instruction written in English and Japanese on the window, by focussing on a black spot in front of you. (You can find the full text on my WORK page by clicking on the picture).


Besides those theoretical considerations, the idea of my own identity in general carries much of my attention. My grandfather had to flee in the 1920s from the north of Italy to Austria, escaping from the Italian fascists. Ever since then, this traumatic experience has been a struggle in our family. Therefore, the topics of affiliation, assimilation and identity have been on my mind since I was little (video, GRANDFATHER / ME / 3RD PERSON). I tried using my personal memories (followed by research) to explore current incidents of cultural stereotyping and to further reflect on them. This resulted in a unique focus on contemporary observations of our society. I do this not on a superficial cultural level but in fact go deeper and always explore actual intellectual struggles.











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